Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Eight O' Clock entry

This is the entry photo and the poem I submitted.

"Shaky Acres"

Times are tough, the house is rough.
The market's crashed with all our cash.
Walked in the door, fell through the floor.
Sheets are worn, blankets torn.
I look around, all's falling down.
I'm getting weary, a trifle teary.
So I put up my feet for a mini retreat.
It's time to rest with a cup of the best!



  1. Love the poem....LOVE all your work. We will all get through these times.

  2. Great poem! I read about you on the Polymer Clay Daily blog and love your work. The face dresser handles are wonderful.

    Good luck with the contest.

  3. Hooray, I finally got some comments on my blog. Thank you two for leaving me such nice comments. You two made my day!! I'll keep my fingers crossed on the contest.

  4. I Voted! Your work is remarkable!
    Your home is incredable. The poem
    understandable. Good Luck!
    Vicki in NC

  5. Loved reading your poem and it is so timely! The picture makes me want to take off my shoes, put up my feet and settle in to a nice cup of coffee :-)

  6. The poem is perfect! Good luck and I hope you win! I'm voting for you.

  7. Thanks Mary & Prpldy for your support. It blows me away how kind people have been to me. Just a few more days left.

  8. Lord, do I know the feeling! One step at a time...