Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eight O'Clock Coffee Discover the Difference Contest

I've been selected as one of eight finalists to win $10,000 in Eight O'Clock's Discover the Difference Contest. PLEASE sign up on their website and vote for me. My submission is titled "Taking a Break With Eight O'Clock" You'll see a picture of Mark (my hubby) with the white beard holding up a cup of coffee and fixing a hole in my floor. Please tell all your friends to vote for me too. I need the $$$$$ BAD!! I'm so excited!!!
Eight O'Clock Coffee Discover the Difference Contest

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  1. Hi Cynthia! I saw the bit about you on Polymer Clay Daily. I love the drawer pulls on the dresser!

    Yes, I voted for you.

    Good luck.

    Laura Lang
    Three Circle Studio

  2. Thanks Laura, I am so grateful for your vote and your kind comment on the drawer pulls.

  3. Hey :)

    Good luck! I tried to sign up to vote - but it won't accept non-US addresses. Typical! LOL.
    Instead am sending you best wishes from Sydney, Australia.

  4. Thanks Sera for visiting my blog & trying to vote. I appreciate your kindness.

  5. What a fantastic poem and worthy need to win that money. I wandered off to vote for you and it was a challenge having to sign-up and all that but well worth it. Golly to try for a free bag of coffee made that effort truly worthwhile.

    I desperately love your drawer pulls as well as your fantastic sculptures. Being a sculpture artist who is totally frustrated with the hot summer weather and no ac my claying will need to wait for cooler days.

    Good luck with your contest!

  6. Thanks Corinne for signing up and voting for me. I know it's a challenge, not a very well thought out site. It's annoying! But once your signed up it's easy to vote the next time. My rating has shot up to 4 as of this AM. It so wonderful how people who don't even know me are willing to help me out. I appreciate it so very much. And thanks for your generous compliments on my work.

    You made me happy!