Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Eight O' Clock entry

This is the entry photo and the poem I submitted.

"Shaky Acres"

Times are tough, the house is rough.
The market's crashed with all our cash.
Walked in the door, fell through the floor.
Sheets are worn, blankets torn.
I look around, all's falling down.
I'm getting weary, a trifle teary.
So I put up my feet for a mini retreat.
It's time to rest with a cup of the best!


Eight O'Clock Coffee Discover the Difference Contest

I've been selected as one of eight finalists to win $10,000 in Eight O'Clock's Discover the Difference Contest. PLEASE sign up on their website and vote for me. My submission is titled "Taking a Break With Eight O'Clock" You'll see a picture of Mark (my hubby) with the white beard holding up a cup of coffee and fixing a hole in my floor. Please tell all your friends to vote for me too. I need the $$$$$ BAD!! I'm so excited!!!
Eight O'Clock Coffee Discover the Difference Contest

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Dome

This is a 20-foot fiberglass dome my husband erected on our property