Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saint Patrick's Day Celebration in Chester NH

Saint Patrick's Day at my brother Patrick's & Joce's in Chester NH

Little Jack (age 21 months) with his Great Grandmother Doris (age 96).

While we were sitting round the dining room table my sister Sheila out of the blue started telling us how she had been watching The View & Barbara Walter's had described a chocolate cake she use to make out of cookies & whipped cream. The other ladies on The View had never heard of it so we thought it must be a regional dessert as Barbara was from Boston and we all had grown up with the dessert. It had been so long since any of us had made it and we all went on at great lengths describing how it was put together and how delicious it was. I said you can add raspberries or bananas and everyone vehemently disagreed, "NO, NO, you can't stray from the original recipe, it's just wrong"! My mother use to make it for Saint Patrick's Day and color the whipped cream green, that's the most it could be changed. We all lamented over why didn't anyone think to make it. I spied my brother wispering to Joce at the end of the table and I thought they must be talking about how ridiculous it was for us to go on & on over a cake. The meal was done, the dishes cleared away, coffee was made, then to our mutual shock Joce walked into the dining with infamous Ice Box Cake in tow. None of us had the slightest clue that she had made the cake , including my sister who first started talking about it.


  1. This was so great to read...I grew up with ice box cake too, and you are correct usually when you mention it to people they have never had it. We made it with the famous choclate wafers, and the heavy wipping cream with a little vanilla and little was Christmas desert in my family, my Mom would take cherries in red and green and make wreaths or flowers on the cakes and then she put finely chopped peacans on the top too (if you ever want to try it that way it is really good) well, I just wanted to say that was a great suprise to read someone elses family has that same cake we have made all these years, thanks for sharing with us, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa, I'll have to try your Mother's version. Sounds very festive and pretty. It is such a simple cake to make and so very yummy. I don't know why it's fallen out of favor. What part of the country are you from? Maybe this is a regional dessert. Thanks for commenting